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The Idea of the University. 

The purpose of this 'box'  is to give a paradigmatic  glimpse into how a mustard seed might grow in the backyard of the multiversity complexes of our time.


Preliminary comment: The University should be a Community of Intellectual Enquiry that is universal in its scope.  This entails student being confronted by a whole range of ideas.  At the same time, the student should be encouraged to think through critically the whole range of the ideas presented. To do this adequately the Student needs to develop a form of self-discipline that cultivates these features of intellectual life to the point that they become second nature. 


Furthermore the University authorities need to actively encourage the development of a community in which students have opportunities to ask questions in such a way that goes beyond the exercise of parroting back of ideas presented to them in lectures and tutorials.     

We wish to assist and encourage students in their ability to do this – particularly in ways that encourages a better understanding of the way in which 'religious-like' beliefs and attitudes' usually underlie the putting forward of theories and/or hypotheses. 


In order to assist this process, we propose to contribute articles and courses into the arena of university level debate. We propose to do this at three levels of difficulty:


Articles to stimulate public discussion

Four Central Issues to be Confronted:

Some Introductory Courses:

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.