An Introduction to the Sciences.


Chapter One      Getting our Cultural Bearings Start here

Chapter Two     Throwing Stones/Wandering Planets: Problems with the Aristotelean Theory of Motion

Chapter Three   Organismic Physics and Mechanistic Biology: Aristotle and Descartes on ‘Nature’.

Chapter Four     The Laws of Motion according to Descartes and Newton

Chapter Five----Does ‘Natural Law’ mean that Laws belong to Nature?  Theism, Deism and Naturalism.

Chapter Six       The Discovery of the Equivalence of Heat and Mechanical Energy.

Chapter Seven   Fire and Atoms – A sketch of the Story of Chemistry until the Periodic Table.

Chapter Eight    Magnetism, Electricity, Light and Sound

Chapter Nine     The Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Chapter Ten       The Fin de Siècle Crisis in the Mechanistic Paradigm of Physics

Chapter Eleven  Energy/Life/Matter.  Reality: a Plurality of Modal Aspects and Individuality Structures

Chapter Twelve  Introduction to Mathematical Structures in the Context of the Modal Aspects of Reality

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