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Biculturalism in New Zealand.

Biculturalism in New Zealand.  

By Petrus Simons


Since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840, New Zealand increasingly became a country dominated by the British settlers in a way that called the Maori to abandon their culture, and adopt that of the British producing a unified amalgamated social order.  This colonial goal was in many ways contrary to the basic spirit of the Treaty.  There are other issues.  The missionary exercise has accused Christianity as being itself part of the colonial exercise, with pressures upon Maori to return to their more traditional ways.  The Treaty has also been accused as being a dupe by the British – involving its mistranslation form English into Maori – allowing British sovereignty to surreptitiously force Maori to abandon their lands and culture.  

Links to the basic issues involved.  Mention in particular Christianity and Colonialism, put out by a kindred organisation, The Tamihana Foundation.  Also mention the Submission to the Waitangi Tribunal jointly submitted by the Trust and the Tamihana Foundation

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